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We have a number of live appearances coming up from July through October, after which we'll be going into studio lockdown again. We also have some big changes brewing which may affect scheduling live dates in the future, so don't sleep on these chances to see us in concert! 

The Queen Calls for Aid!  

Legion of Thunder, the Queen of Hell: Initium Kickstarter campaign is marching on...but we have hit the dreaded mid-campaign slow-down!

As of today we are NOT on pace to hit all of our stretch goals! New pledges have slowed down as we're fighting social media algorithms and e-mail filters to get the message out!

We have an insanely heavy and awesome bonus single called "Rock Until You Die" that we'd love to record for you, plus two more issues of the Queen of Hell: Initium comic and a deluxe hardcover edition left to unlock...but those things won't happen without your support!

We're still 100% independent and 100% fan-funded after all these years. It's up to the Legion of Thunder to make Queen of Hell: Initium as awesome as it can be! So we encourage you to fight for the Queen of Hell and back the Kickstarter!


Here's the Sword of Stretch Goal Progress...let's get this thing to the TOP! 


Queen of Hell: Initium Kickstarter is LIVE! 

Hail, Legion of Thunder! 

We're proud to reveal our most ambitious project ever: QUEEN OF HELL: INITIUM! We've been building the tale of the Queen of Hell and her battle with Udoroth for a decade, and we're finally ready to unleash it in this truly epic heavy metal music and comic book project, available only on Kickstarter!

The Queen of Hell story will unfold in both original songs and a comic book series, with guest vocalists performing as characters from the story. Fabio Lione (Official) (Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra) performs as Lucifer. Mats Levén (Skyblood, Candlemass) performs as the story’s main villain Udoroth. 

The musical portion of the project is produced by Kevin Gutierrez (Paul McCartney, OAR, Shinedown) with orchestration by Brad Charles (Magic Giraffe Soundworkss). The comic is produced and edited directly by the band with a script by Rafer Roberts, maker of comics (Modern Fantasy, Minecraft) and artwork by Mike Ratera (Stalag-X, Conan the Conqueror). The main cover artwork is by Art of Dusan Markovic, with variant cover artwork by Joseph Schmalke Storyteller. 

The Queen of Hell story is an a dark fantasy adventure with themes familiar to metal fans: 

Cecilia was born to serve the demon lord Udoroth. Heaven tried to turn Cecilia against her diabolical nature. But neither side considered how strong-willed Cecilia can be! Once she learns the truth about herself, and about those she thought she knew, all bets are off. Will Cecilia help Udoroth conquer Heaven? Will she aid the Angelic forces to defeat evil? Or will she forge her own path of the Queen of Hell! 

The music of Initium is classic, melodic, dynamic and theatrical heavy metal topped with the powerful vocals of A Sound of Thunder vocalist Nina Osegueda. Metal aficionados will notice influences ranging back to the roots of heavy metal and bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, to modern power metal bands like Sabataon and Powerwolf, plus touches of prog and even black metal. 

Queen of Hell: Initium is available exclusively through the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. The project launched on Friday, October 28th and raised over $30,000 in its first 24 hours. It has been selected by Kickstarter editorial staff as a “Project We Love” for creativity and quality. Project backers get access to exclusive merchandise including limited edition CDs, vinyl (including color variants), cassettes, t-shirts, variant cover comic books, bonus music, and more. The campaign ends on December 2, 2022. 

Limited rewards are going fast, so back the project now to bring the Queen of Hell to life! Visit the Kickstarter here!!

Behind the Light and new gigs!  

Is anybody getting paid?? 

Our newest video, "Behind the Light", is part one of The Krimson Kult Trilogy directed by Ivan Mulero. Executive Producer: Avi Cohen. Taken from the album - The Krimson Kult!

We also have two gigs coming up! The first is in Winchester, VA at the Anthem on Friday, October 31! We'll be co-headlining with our buddies of Iris Divine, so this is gonna be a show you won't want to miss! 

The next gig we have is on Friday, November 4th in our hometown of Manassas, VA! We'll be playing with some other bands from the area, including our friends Age of Ruin! Hope we see you all there!!

The Krimson Kult Album Now Streaming on All Platforms! 

The Krimson Kult has finally arrived on streaming platforms! Hear the complete album now:


Apple Music:<br><br>

Amazon Music:




The album is available in our store on CD, cassette, glow-in-the-dark vinyl, and deluxe booklet, all with free autograph options available!

Gigs, singles, and pre-orders! 

Legion of Thunder! Today we're celebrating the release of our new single, Behind the Light! You can stream it at any of these locations:

Tomorrow in Baltimore, we'll be playing at Zen West! We hope to see you there, but if you can't make it, you can buy tickets to the livestream and watch from home! The livestream will be available for 48 hours after purchase, just in case you need to watch it a little later.

In other news, Nina has just returned from Texas where she recorded more songs with Kevin! More Thunder is on the horizon, so keep your eyes and ears open for more updates!

The Krimson Kult Trilogy on Kickstarter Now! 

It's the rise of the Krimson Kult! 

We're collaborating with award-winning filmmaker Ivan Mulero to bring the characters and concepts from the new album to life on film in The Krimson Kult Trilogy!

Fans can help us complete the project by backing the Kickstarter campaign which runs until February 18, 2022. Backers get access to rewards including a campaign-exclusive t-shirt, art & lyrics book, comic books, and having their names appear in the trilogy credits! 

See the official trailer and back the Kickstarter campaign here:

Campaign-exclusive "Orb Weaver" t-shirt

Official QUEEN OF HELL Mead from Wyrd Leather & Mead! 

The Queen has arrived! We're proud to announce the official Queen of Hell cherry melomel from our good friends at Wyrd Leather And Mead! 

This dry cherry melomel was made with local Oregon High Desert Honey and tart cherries, offering a slight hint of summer on the tongue. It may come from hell...but it tastes like heaven! 

This release is limited! 100 bottles have been allocated for online sale, with more reserved for in-person sale at Wyrd's epic mead hall in Portland, Oregon! 

Shipping is available to 40+ states as well as for sale in our hall! (Sorry, shipping is currently limited to the United States.)

Grab your Queen of Hell mead at the official Wyrd Leather & Mead web shop:



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latest release

The Krimson Kult - Vinyl Album w/ Glow-in-the-Dark Jacket (Choose Your Color)
  • The Krimson Kult - Vinyl Album w/ Glow-in-the-Dark Jacket (Choose Your Color)

The Krimson Kult - Vinyl Album w/ Glow-in-the-Dark Jacket (Choose Your Color)


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The Krimson Kult vinyl album with glow-in-the-dark jacket and your choice of vinyl color: - Glow-in-the-Dark - Clear Red w/ Black Splatter - Solid Yellow w/ Black Splatter - Classic Black

Includes digital copies of the album and the 24-page deluxe album art & lyric book featuring original art by Joseph Schmalke for each song.

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  • The Krimson Kult - T-Shirt

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Classic black t-shirt featuring The Krimson Kult album artwork by Joseph Schmalke.

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